Wednesday, April 9, 2008

puppy toys

coton de tulear puppy toys
Luigi loves his milk bottle. It is one of his favourite puppy toys. He has got the top off but it was dangerous for him to have so we take them off now. At one point we put his bottle in a sock. He liked that but was very happy when we took it out. He can bite and carry the bottle. We change the bottle when it has lots of bite marks.

five facts of a coton de tulear


  • When they are on the move they have their tails curled but when sleeping it is straight.

  • A coton's hair can grow up to 8 inches or 20cm

  • The coton was a Madagascan dog but the French named them.

  • A coton can be born with a pink nose or a black one (it is supposed to be black but our puppy has a pink one!).

  • Their ears can be brown when young but go white when older (16 months).

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

puppy care tips

Puppy Care Tips - how to bath your coton de tulear.

To day we bathed Luigi because he was messy. First we got a cup and poured water over him. But do NOT pour water over his or her head. Next get some shampoo and rub it into the fur until it is all soapy. And then rinse out the soap.

When we lift Luigi out we have to rinse out his paws. Lots of fur and water make one heavy dog. Next we dry him. This takes a lot of time, but if you do it well you will not have to use the hairdryer on your dog. When we had dried him he was still wet so we used the hairdryer on him but he thought it was a game and barked at it when we blew hot air at him.

Saturday, April 5, 2008

choose a puppy

coton de tulear playing with toyWhen we were trying to choose a puppy we found this cool web-site. It told you about the puppy you were thinking about. It had a rating for how the dog was with children - so if it was a 1 it was great with kids.

If you are interested go to If
you want to look at cotons go to the c section. It has grooming and heath problems. It has temperament. It's a great site to go to to help you choose a puppy.
Cotons have a 2 with children but Luigi is really great with children.