Monday, May 12, 2008

puppy teething

coton de tulear puppy chewing toyLuigi is teething YAY!! Poor Luigi - he is bleeding and has no teeth so he cannot nip.

It is very hot at the moment so a good thing to give your dog is a ice cube. Luigi loves it and it is good for his teething and hot weather. Luigi is now 6 months old. It has been HOT so Luigi sleeps a LOT.

We have to make sure that Luigi has lots of thing to chew.

Saturday, May 3, 2008

coton de tulear travels

Luigi has gone on his first holiday. It was in the lake district.

On the first day we left at 9am. We were in the car till 3pm but we did stop 3 times so Luigi could have a rest and a drink.

W stayed in a cottage. When we went in the Luigi was still in the car. We heard a dog bark. It was Tia. She is a lovely setter- she was very bouncy but good. We let Luigi out. The two dogs ran off to play chase. Then we went for a walk because Luigi had been in the car all day - we put our coats on and we saw lots of sheep and a sheep fold (which is like a house for sheep).

Luigi had never slept in his cage all night so we hoped he would not wet his bed. In the morning I got up at 6.30 to let him out for a wee. Luigi did not wet his bed - Yay!

We had a lovely holiday and we saw our grandparents too. Luigi likes holidays.