Sunday, November 30, 2008

luigi and his snowman

It has been snowing here. Luigi went out to play (tip we put vegetable oil on Luigis paws to stop him becoming a snow ball),
We built a snowman and Luigi a snow dog. We took Luigi on a walk we call snow prints. It was the first time. It was so very fun as it had snowed quite a lot.
We also had a snow ball fight and Luigi did not throw any but we threw at him. He loves to chase and dodge the snow balls. We went in but Luigi did not. When we came out Luigi had smashed our snowman and dog. We built a snow fort and at last it was tea time.

(luigi has not had his hair cut yet)

luigi the new dog

Luigi has gone to the grooming parlor. We dropped him off at nine and went to Norwich for the morning.

When we got back we saw a dog and what a dog!! It's was Luigi but wow! He looks so funny! Here is a photo of him before the groom. and now here is the new luigi!!!

Saturday, November 1, 2008

luigis friend

Luigi has had a dog friend for a long time. His name is Charlie.

When they first met Luigi was very scared, but as he got bigger he and Charlie got to like each other more and more. Soon they loved to play with each other. Luigi will lie on his back and Charlie will bite him. Luigi will try to run but Charlie will catch him quickly for he is a border collie. He loves to do agility and has won one rosette.

He and Luigi get on well which is good for we see him every week. We go on walks with Charlie and they will run and jump on each over (well Charlie will jump on Luigi!)

Here is a photo of luigi and charlie. if you want to know more about charlie go to my friends blog

some one in the phone

When my dad goes away to work we like to speak to him on the phone. So does Luigi! When we have finished we put it on loud speaker and dad talks to Luigi. Luigi loves it when he does. He will try to get him out of the phone. He goes mad! Some times he will whine but it's fun to watch him.

This photo is one we call 'mop dog!'