Friday, October 10, 2008

puppy on a bike

Luigi is going on bike rides. Some times he is in a basket on the back of a bike. But what he loves is to run next to the bikes.

We all love to watch him run. Sometimes he nearly gets run over by the bikes but not yet. If he runs in front of you so you nearly run him over, he looks at you as if to say "What do you think you're doing coming up behind me - you could have killed me!"

When he was little he was in his basket and in the basket is a clip to clip the dog in. We were biking along and he jumped out and was hanging there! Luckily my dad was behind me so he did not get hurt. If we do a good long ride he gets a really good walk.

At first Luigi howled when in the basket but now he loves to go in it (he likes it best when he has had a long walk first!)

Sunday, October 5, 2008

coton de tulear owners

As a owner of a coton de tulear I can safely say it's a good dog for all.

He is a cute dog, fun to play with (bites a bit though if I wind him up). He is so friendly but does bark at people who do not pat him! We all love him. But he loves to play in the mud - not good when you're white and fluffy.

We took him for a walk in the rain. He got very wet and he is so tiny under all that hair! But he loved it - running through puddles. We were all wet and he was wet but happy. Now he is by the fire sleeping.

Me and Luigi have been doing lots of training. When he comes in all wet from the garden, if there is a towel on the floor he will lie down on it. I am also training him 'jump' where he jumps over my brother or me. His best game is catch me, where he gets a sock and we chase him. He loves it. We don't!

He great dog but does not look like one. He thinks he is the best dog in the world. He loves all people and thinks that all people love him. We do but not every person does - especially when he is wet and muddy and wants to jump at you.

Saturday, October 4, 2008

puppy toilet training

When we got Luigi he weeing and pooing on the floor. I had to mop it up too! If you hate your dog for this read on.

Keep the dog in a pen with a floor of newspaper. Take him out for a wee every 5 minutes. Try to work out the time that your dog has a wee. Take the dog out for a wee at the time he has a one. If the dog wees or poos outside give him a treat, and say 'good boy'. You can then let him play outside his pen in the house for a while. If he doesn't go outside, put him back in his pen for another 5 minutes and then try again.
It took us 3 months so be patient. Don't yell at your dog if he has a wee on the floor - just ignore him. It has worked for us. I hope it works for you.

Friday, October 3, 2008

puppy problems

coton de tulearWhen getting a dog or coton de tulear you must think of the problems, such as a dog will not know right from wrong. Here is a list of problems.

  1. Weeing and pooing.
  2. Crying at night
  3. Grooming
  4. Walks
  5. Money (vet bills toys food etc. etc.)

Now here is a list of good or great things about having a dog.

  1. Training (is a fun thing to do and makes a bond with your dog)
  2. Playing
  3. Dogs can be great pals
  4. Running jumping (agility)
  5. Giving them food they love ( dogs do anything for sausage - so does Luigi)

How to make the problems into a list of good things.

  1. Weeing and pooing - go and look at puppy toilet training
  2. Crying at night - look at puppy seperation anxiety
  3. Grooming - bath lots if you do not want to groom your dog, or get a smooth coat one.
  4. Walks - you can just play or make walks fun. Let your dog off lead and do come training.
  5. Money - don't get a dog. Or put part of your money in a bank to cover the bills.

Thancoton de tulearks for looking at my blog.

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

my puppy

Luigi is my puppy. He is cute fun and loves all living things. He is hard to have for one thing - we all have to groom him. He does not like being groomed. That is a big problem, but he makes up for that in the way he loves to make you happy.

At the moment I am teaching him BANG. All you do is make a gun with your hands, shoot, say bang, push him over. He is getting better and will now go half way and I push him the rest of the way.

We have started to take him on bikes. We have a small cage on to back of my bike. He rides in that and sometimes we let him to run. He can run 11 miles an hour! Only sometimes do we go at that speed - mostly we go at 5 or 6 miles an hour but its a good walk for Luigi.