Sunday, March 30, 2008

coton de tulear pet accessories

Luigi has lots of useful and not so useful coton de tulear pet accessories.

As an example, Luigi's water bottle is useful on walks. If Luigi is thirsty we can give him some water. The way it works is it is in two parts - the bottle and the bottle base. Now in the bottle is the water, and the base of the bottle acts like a bowl so your dog can drink from the base.

Biodegradable poo bags are good for the environment. A link to a place you can buy poo bags is VeggiePets.

A training leash is a handy thing. It has little clips and you can make it long or short but we think it is a bit big for a coton so it is better good for big dogs. You can buy one at Ultimate Animals

Friday, March 28, 2008

a day of a cotons life

Today it is Monday. We have been slacklining. Luigi jumped up while I was on it so I picked him up and he bit me, so he got put in the pen.

The alarm man came next and Luigi jumped up, so I put him in the garden. We went back to the slackline and Luigi went to sleep. Me and my brother went in for lunch but I forgot the sleeping dog so I had to go back out to get it!

After lunch we played and Luigi slept. An hour later we went to the riding shop, then we went to get some dog food but there was no dog food. After that we took Luigi for a walk. Then we went to the garden center to buy a leash for a friend. Last but not least we went to Jolie's to buy some dog treats (and get the dog food).

PS slacklining is like a tightrope but slack. It is great fun.

Thursday, March 27, 2008

puppy tip - training

Is your coton clever? We have been testing Luigi's IQ and we have discovered he isn't the cleverest dog on problems, but he got high points for some other things!

If you want to learn about your dogs IQ then go to Michelle Weltons site and get her e-book. She has a teach your dog a 100 words. We are going to teach Luigi a 100 words if we can. He may not be able to take it all in. My puppy tip is training should be fun and short.

All Luigi loves to do is play!!!

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

cool cute coton de tulear

When we walk on the street or in the forest lots of people say 'cute dog' and SOME smile and some giggle.
So if you don't like being the center of attention do NOT get a coton de tulear.
A coton de tulear is the first dog I have had in my life of 10 years but I think that a coton is a good first dog.

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

coton de tulear off lead

Luigi is now off lead!

His first time off lead was on the beach. We all said he will run around us and keep an eye on us, and when we let him off it was as if we had said 'heel'. He had the best time he had had in a long time.
He met two dog and he liked the dogs so much he tried to follow them, but he came when we said come. Luigi loves his walks and he really really likes walks off lead.
Never ever let your dog off lead near a road for if your dog sees a dog or person he might go across the road. Luigi loves people so much he will whine if we don't go near them.

Monday, March 24, 2008

coton de tulear in the snow

It's Luigi first snow and he loves it. But lots of snow gets stuck in his fur so he has to go into his cage so he can defrost! He is not built to go in the snow so he cannot go in the deep snow. He still loves snow - as you can see he loves to run and play chase.

We went for a walk and Luigi had to be carried because the snow is so deep.

Luigi's first snow man has collapsed!

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

coton de tulear puppy treats

Luigi loves all these puppy treats.

  • Apple
  • Carrot
  • Chicken
  • Pork
  • Bread
  • Cheese
  • Salami
  • Peperoni
  • Dog treats

Luigi likes all the treats but his favorite is pork. He loves it so it is a treat for him to have some of it.

Sunday, March 16, 2008

coton de tulear pictures

Luigi after a walk in the rain.

Luigi all muddy.

Luigi is not so clean now.

Luigi is cleaning himself.

Luigi and his new collar tag.

Luigi's paws.

Luigi all wet.

and Luigi having a nap

Saturday, March 15, 2008

coton de tulear history

Here is some coton de tulear history.

The reason that the coton de tulear is named coton is because of its lovely white coat which is like a cotton bush. In Madagascar there is a port of the name of tulear. De means 'of' in french so the name coton de tulear means coton of tulear.

When the coton was on the island of Madagascar they roamed free with the terrier so they have a bit of terrier in them, but the coton is more coton and bichhon frise than terrier. The coton had to cope with lots of things in the wild but one thing was the crocodile. To get over crocodile infested rivers, they would bark as if they had fallen into the water. When the crocodile came to see, they would rush about a mile and swim across safely. There are no more cotons in the wild.

Friday, March 14, 2008

my new puppy

The first two weeks of a having coton de tulear are hard for you as your dog can not go to a place where dogs have been. So we had to stay in a lot of the time. But we went in the garden with Luigi so it was not so bad. After two weeks we went on Luigi's first walk and he loved it.

As you can see my new puppy loves his walks, rain or shine.

Thursday, March 13, 2008

grooming a coton de tulear

Grooming a coton de tulear is a long but fun job.

A good comb for a coton de tulear is a poodle comb. Cotons have short hair but it will grow long if it is not cut. But if you want to show your coton you need to keep it long.

We will keep Luigi's hair cut for he cannot be shown - he has a pink nose.

puppy obedience training

I have been doing some puppy obedience training with my coton de tulear puppy.


To train sit you need to get a treat. Then hold the treat so he sees it above him, so he sits. As he sits, say "sit". Do it lots and then without the treat.


Training your dog to come is the best and easiest to train. Get a treat and go and sit down and say "come" and hold the treat so the dog can see it. The dog will come - give the dog the treat. Do it until the dog comes without the treat.


To train stand you need to have a treat. Get your dog to sit and hold the treat in front of your dog so he has to stand to get it. As your dog stands say "stand". Do it lots and your dog will do it without a treat.


Training down was difficult, for Luigi is small. He did not have to lie down to get the treat. But when he was 3 months old he did have to lie down to get the treat so he is learning down now. Get a treat and tell your dog to sit. When he is siting, show him the treat and put it in front of him. As he bends to get it move it forward so it is easier for him to get when lying down. As he goes down say "down." You can use the word lie or down, but we said 'down' when he was jumping up so we agreed we would use 'lie' - but we forget !!! So we now use 'off' not 'down' and 'down' is 'lie down'.


Give is a word we have not taught Luigi. You need a toy you can throw and lots of treats. Now play fetch but when your dog comes with the toy, instead of playing tug of war, give the dog the treat. As he lets go of the toy so he can have the treat, say 'give'. Do it in small bursts so he is not bewildered.

coton de tulear pet

If you are thinking about getting a coton de tulear pet, then you should know that they are good and gentle pets. Coton de tulears are good for people who have a small house and lots of children coming and going. This is a great pet for them.
Cotons love to go to big spaces like a field and go on long walks, but a coton de tulear will be very happy with one walk a day. A small home is just as good as a big one for a coton.

Coton de Tulear Toys

We have made some coton de tulear toys for Luigi.
  1. A good home made toy is a wet cloth.
  2. A small cardboard box with some food in it is a good home made toy. Luigi spends a long time trying to get it out.
  3. A ball of paper is something Luigi loves to shred it up.
  4. A frozen carrot is a good toy for your dog to chew. This is a good toy for puppy teething.
  5. A good toy is a stick wrapped in cloth Luigi likes to rip of the cloth so we have to re make it lots.
  6. Kong wubba. This is Luigis best toy. You can throw it. You can play tug of war and your dog can chew it.
  7. Kong jumpn jack is good for pushing food into it for the dog to find.

coton de tulear books

These are the coton de tulear books that we got when we got Luigi.

Coton de Tulear
This kennel club book tells about the coton de tulear. It is a good book on cotons and has grooming and feeding and lots of useful stuff.

The Dog Listener by Jan Fennell

This book is a training book. It is full of good advice.

Coton De Tulear Breed Information

Coton de tulear breed information

  • Height 10-12 inches

  • Weight 12-15 pounds

  • Life span 12 to 14 years.

  • groom daily

  • you will need to take your coton on a 30 minute walk but will love a good long walk.

  • Very friendly and affectionate. Full of tricks and can stand and walk on their hind legs.

  • Intelligent

  • cotons have hair not fur so are good for allergies
  • My coton does not bark unless you stand on his paw

My Coton De Tulear puppy

My coton de tulear is called Luigi. He is sweet . He has a pink nose.

He is fun to have around. He will play for ages. Good things about coton de tulear
1 He is a full of fun dog. Great to play with.
2 He is a calm little dog.
3 He is smart and sweet
4 He is not to big but not to small.
5 He does not need a long long walk.

I love him lots.