Sunday, August 31, 2008

leash training puppy

Our dog does not pull on the lead but your puppy might - if so do this.

Watch the video which has worked for us and Luigi is great now.

Have a slack leash all the time.

Do not look at your dog or pat your dog .

If the video does not work try this - when your dog pulls on the leash kick it very gently but enough to make the dog look at you, and come back to you. When the dog is doing heel, give him treats. Note: make a noise when you kick the dog but make sure you do not use that noise when the dog is good. Later, you will only have to make the noise and the dog will go to heel.

We did both of these things for leash training our puppy, and it worked very well.

cool puppy names

coton de tulear on beach
When we got a dog we knew his name from before we had a puppy. It was LUIGI. We had named him this because we watch the dog whisperer TV shows. There was a dog named Luigi and it was so nice and good. It did not do anything when a dog barked at him. So we said, when we get a dog we will name him Luigi.

Now our dog is bad so we have come up with cool puppy names for your dog. Hope your dog is more good than ours . His pedigree name is Buddy's bouncing boy.

puppy male names
  • Lupus (is wolf in Latin)
  • Luca
  • Lucky
  • Pluto
  • Art
  • Chaos
  • Indigo
  • Loyal
girl puppy names
  • April
  • Avril
  • Camilla
  • Clio
  • Echo
  • Ingrid
  • Esme

I hope you like my cool puppy names.

Thursday, August 28, 2008

puppy seperation anxiety

coton de tulear in crate
Luigi has started to wail in the night again and we think he has puppy seperation anxiety. He gets very upset when we put him to bed - crying and panting and wimpering. He is also howling all through the night.

We have done lots of reading and it seems that some things we can do are ;

  1. Put in some clothing we have worn for him to snuggle up to.

  2. Leave a radio on.

  3. Leave a light on.

  4. Use an intercom to talk to your dog!

  5. Get him used to being left in his cage during the day. A good way to do this is 2 or 3 times a day we play with him for ten minutes. Next put the puppy in the cage for ten minutes, putting the time up 2 or 3 minutes every time. We are up to 25 minutes. Let the dog out but do not look at it or play or pat it for 5 minutes - this tells the dog that being in the cage is nothing to make a fuss about. Then play with and pat the puppy for ten minutes as a reward.

Luigi doesn't mind being in his cage during the day. It is just at night he is unhappy. We are trying lots of things and I will tell you what worked best to fix his puppy seperation anxiety when he is better.