Wednesday, December 17, 2008

luigis birthday!

Luigi is now one year old! His birth day was on the 14th of December. We did not do anything for his birthday but here are some photos of Luigi - big and small, fluffy and not, from his year with us!

Monday, December 8, 2008

luigis operation

On the 5th of December Luigi went to the vets to be neutered We took Luigi inside and after a long talk on how we had to treat him after his operation, we left him on his own (and he howled of course).
We went to pick him up a 4.00! Luigi was a new dog. He was shaking and crying. We took him back home. He lay by the fire and cried. He slept in mums room that night -all night he was crying. (he did not like his collar of course). In the morning he was a bit better so we put up the Christmas decorations.
Next day Luigi was better and he was being so funny! he was running and went under the table and got stuck! We had to rescue him and he was very grateful!
Today we went back for a check up on his stitches. All was OK. Luigi has his stitches out on the day after his birth day the 15Th of December.

Sunday, November 30, 2008

luigi and his snowman

It has been snowing here. Luigi went out to play (tip we put vegetable oil on Luigis paws to stop him becoming a snow ball),
We built a snowman and Luigi a snow dog. We took Luigi on a walk we call snow prints. It was the first time. It was so very fun as it had snowed quite a lot.
We also had a snow ball fight and Luigi did not throw any but we threw at him. He loves to chase and dodge the snow balls. We went in but Luigi did not. When we came out Luigi had smashed our snowman and dog. We built a snow fort and at last it was tea time.

(luigi has not had his hair cut yet)

luigi the new dog

Luigi has gone to the grooming parlor. We dropped him off at nine and went to Norwich for the morning.

When we got back we saw a dog and what a dog!! It's was Luigi but wow! He looks so funny! Here is a photo of him before the groom. and now here is the new luigi!!!

Saturday, November 1, 2008

luigis friend

Luigi has had a dog friend for a long time. His name is Charlie.

When they first met Luigi was very scared, but as he got bigger he and Charlie got to like each other more and more. Soon they loved to play with each other. Luigi will lie on his back and Charlie will bite him. Luigi will try to run but Charlie will catch him quickly for he is a border collie. He loves to do agility and has won one rosette.

He and Luigi get on well which is good for we see him every week. We go on walks with Charlie and they will run and jump on each over (well Charlie will jump on Luigi!)

Here is a photo of luigi and charlie. if you want to know more about charlie go to my friends blog

some one in the phone

When my dad goes away to work we like to speak to him on the phone. So does Luigi! When we have finished we put it on loud speaker and dad talks to Luigi. Luigi loves it when he does. He will try to get him out of the phone. He goes mad! Some times he will whine but it's fun to watch him.

This photo is one we call 'mop dog!'

Friday, October 10, 2008

puppy on a bike

Luigi is going on bike rides. Some times he is in a basket on the back of a bike. But what he loves is to run next to the bikes.

We all love to watch him run. Sometimes he nearly gets run over by the bikes but not yet. If he runs in front of you so you nearly run him over, he looks at you as if to say "What do you think you're doing coming up behind me - you could have killed me!"

When he was little he was in his basket and in the basket is a clip to clip the dog in. We were biking along and he jumped out and was hanging there! Luckily my dad was behind me so he did not get hurt. If we do a good long ride he gets a really good walk.

At first Luigi howled when in the basket but now he loves to go in it (he likes it best when he has had a long walk first!)

Sunday, October 5, 2008

coton de tulear owners

As a owner of a coton de tulear I can safely say it's a good dog for all.

He is a cute dog, fun to play with (bites a bit though if I wind him up). He is so friendly but does bark at people who do not pat him! We all love him. But he loves to play in the mud - not good when you're white and fluffy.

We took him for a walk in the rain. He got very wet and he is so tiny under all that hair! But he loved it - running through puddles. We were all wet and he was wet but happy. Now he is by the fire sleeping.

Me and Luigi have been doing lots of training. When he comes in all wet from the garden, if there is a towel on the floor he will lie down on it. I am also training him 'jump' where he jumps over my brother or me. His best game is catch me, where he gets a sock and we chase him. He loves it. We don't!

He great dog but does not look like one. He thinks he is the best dog in the world. He loves all people and thinks that all people love him. We do but not every person does - especially when he is wet and muddy and wants to jump at you.

Saturday, October 4, 2008

puppy toilet training

When we got Luigi he weeing and pooing on the floor. I had to mop it up too! If you hate your dog for this read on.

Keep the dog in a pen with a floor of newspaper. Take him out for a wee every 5 minutes. Try to work out the time that your dog has a wee. Take the dog out for a wee at the time he has a one. If the dog wees or poos outside give him a treat, and say 'good boy'. You can then let him play outside his pen in the house for a while. If he doesn't go outside, put him back in his pen for another 5 minutes and then try again.
It took us 3 months so be patient. Don't yell at your dog if he has a wee on the floor - just ignore him. It has worked for us. I hope it works for you.

Friday, October 3, 2008

puppy problems

coton de tulearWhen getting a dog or coton de tulear you must think of the problems, such as a dog will not know right from wrong. Here is a list of problems.

  1. Weeing and pooing.
  2. Crying at night
  3. Grooming
  4. Walks
  5. Money (vet bills toys food etc. etc.)

Now here is a list of good or great things about having a dog.

  1. Training (is a fun thing to do and makes a bond with your dog)
  2. Playing
  3. Dogs can be great pals
  4. Running jumping (agility)
  5. Giving them food they love ( dogs do anything for sausage - so does Luigi)

How to make the problems into a list of good things.

  1. Weeing and pooing - go and look at puppy toilet training
  2. Crying at night - look at puppy seperation anxiety
  3. Grooming - bath lots if you do not want to groom your dog, or get a smooth coat one.
  4. Walks - you can just play or make walks fun. Let your dog off lead and do come training.
  5. Money - don't get a dog. Or put part of your money in a bank to cover the bills.

Thancoton de tulearks for looking at my blog.

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

my puppy

Luigi is my puppy. He is cute fun and loves all living things. He is hard to have for one thing - we all have to groom him. He does not like being groomed. That is a big problem, but he makes up for that in the way he loves to make you happy.

At the moment I am teaching him BANG. All you do is make a gun with your hands, shoot, say bang, push him over. He is getting better and will now go half way and I push him the rest of the way.

We have started to take him on bikes. We have a small cage on to back of my bike. He rides in that and sometimes we let him to run. He can run 11 miles an hour! Only sometimes do we go at that speed - mostly we go at 5 or 6 miles an hour but its a good walk for Luigi.

Saturday, September 6, 2008

coton de tulear pups

Luigi is fun dog but he has his problems - like he loves to play with my dads socks!

He is doing agility which he is not to keen on but is getting very good. He is good and easy to train and we love training time! His best toy is pooh bear - my brothers baby toy. Pooh bear has lost one ear but Luigi still loves him!
We put up a dog rules board and Luigi looked at it for and long time. We think he does not like PLEASE IGNORE LUIGI WHEN YOU COME DOWN STAIRS OR COME BACK INTO THE ROOM. He loves his walks, but if it rains he will lie on his belly and will not move. We all love him and he loves us, but we think he has a blog named where he writes about the funny things we do!

Friday, September 5, 2008

coton de tulear puppies

coton de tulear puppy in shoeWhen you are getting a puppy you need to think about 'do I want a puppy?' Here are some things to answer.

  1. do I like dogs?

  2. am I happy to pay vet bills?

  3. is the house big enough?

  4. do I have the time to walk it?

  5. do you know that you will have to pick your holidays so your dog can come or you will have to pay to put it in kennels?

  6. do all the people in the house want a dog?

If the answers are all 'yes' go on to stage two 'what to buy'.

getting what you need

  • bowls ( two)

  • collar and lead (make sure the collar can go small)

  • big fluffy toy (to snuggle up with a night)

  • good tug of war toy

  • good toy to throw ( balls are good)

  • we have cage which you can put the dog in at night and when he is going in the car

  • toy box

  • brush (for coton de tulears use a poodle comb)
  • harness ( good for family's that do a lot of walking)

  • food but make sure it's the food that your puppy eats at the breeders

  • chews
  • soft bedding

  • dog cutting scissors

  • collar tag
  • lots of dog books (go to coton de tulear books to find what books you need)
  • poo bags

  • puppy!
That is what you need to get a puppy. Read on to get puppy care tips, or go to bringing home a new puppy to know what to do when you have a puppy

puppy care tips
  • when doing a bath have lots of treats so your dog will like baths.

  • give your dog a good set of food. A good but smelly way to see if he is having good food is to have a look at his poo - if it is dark brown he is having a good diet.

  • Luigi is allergic to wheat. If he has it he scratches. Wheat is not good for your dog but most dogs can have it.

  • you will need lots of things - look at this list and go and get them

  • make sure that your dog cannot swallow a toy you buy

  • do not take your dog on too long walks. We did this and we got stuck with a dog who was not allowed to play or go on walks for 2 weeks because he had a sore leg.
I hope that this was good and helpful information .

puppy tip training

A fun thing to do with your dog is to get lots of treats and go to a field. ( you need at least two people). Share out the treats, spread out, and call your dog one by one. Its a good way to give your dog exercise and its fun!

coton de tulear tricks

Me and Luigi love to play. I like to teach him new coton de tulear tricks and he loves the treats!
Luigi has learnt lots of tricks but how do you do them?
coton de tulear puppy tricks high five
First get very nice treats. Next call him and make him sit. Hold both your hands up so that he has to jump. As he jumps to get the treat, meet his paws and say 'high five'. Soon you can just hold your hands up - no treats.

First get a lovely treat. Next get him to sit. Hold the treats just above his head. Hold out the other hand next to his paw. Tap the paw gently. He should lift his paw up. Let the paw rest on your hand and say 'paw'. If you keep up the good work your dog will be so well trained.

have a treat and have your dog siting. Lift the treat up and let the dog jump up to get it. As he jumps say 'beg'. When he is begging give him the treat. The longer the he can stay up the better. If he begs and you have not told him to, ignore him and have a dog that does not beg!

I would like you to comment if you try doing these tricks. Please tell me if it worked.

Monday, September 1, 2008

bringing home a new puppy

Bringing home a new puppy.

When you get out the of car you should have a play pen for your puppy. We did. We put our puppy in the pen.

If your dog cries do not look at it - just ignore it. Make sure you have food and water for the dog in the pen. From the minute your puppy goes into your home it must know who's boss. Now when the puppy is asleep leave it -but as it gets older you can wake it up. When he or she wakes up play with it gently for a while, then let it have a look round. Put it back in it's pen and sit and read a book in sight.

At night time make a bed next to the dog pen. If you have a cage in your room you can sleep with the puppy.

In the morning go outside and let it have a wee and poo (if it has not had one on the floor). If it goes give it a treat and say good dog (to find out more on toilet taining go to (coming).

Sunday, August 31, 2008

leash training puppy

Our dog does not pull on the lead but your puppy might - if so do this.

Watch the video which has worked for us and Luigi is great now.

Have a slack leash all the time.

Do not look at your dog or pat your dog .

If the video does not work try this - when your dog pulls on the leash kick it very gently but enough to make the dog look at you, and come back to you. When the dog is doing heel, give him treats. Note: make a noise when you kick the dog but make sure you do not use that noise when the dog is good. Later, you will only have to make the noise and the dog will go to heel.

We did both of these things for leash training our puppy, and it worked very well.

cool puppy names

coton de tulear on beach
When we got a dog we knew his name from before we had a puppy. It was LUIGI. We had named him this because we watch the dog whisperer TV shows. There was a dog named Luigi and it was so nice and good. It did not do anything when a dog barked at him. So we said, when we get a dog we will name him Luigi.

Now our dog is bad so we have come up with cool puppy names for your dog. Hope your dog is more good than ours . His pedigree name is Buddy's bouncing boy.

puppy male names
  • Lupus (is wolf in Latin)
  • Luca
  • Lucky
  • Pluto
  • Art
  • Chaos
  • Indigo
  • Loyal
girl puppy names
  • April
  • Avril
  • Camilla
  • Clio
  • Echo
  • Ingrid
  • Esme

I hope you like my cool puppy names.

Thursday, August 28, 2008

puppy seperation anxiety

coton de tulear in crate
Luigi has started to wail in the night again and we think he has puppy seperation anxiety. He gets very upset when we put him to bed - crying and panting and wimpering. He is also howling all through the night.

We have done lots of reading and it seems that some things we can do are ;

  1. Put in some clothing we have worn for him to snuggle up to.

  2. Leave a radio on.

  3. Leave a light on.

  4. Use an intercom to talk to your dog!

  5. Get him used to being left in his cage during the day. A good way to do this is 2 or 3 times a day we play with him for ten minutes. Next put the puppy in the cage for ten minutes, putting the time up 2 or 3 minutes every time. We are up to 25 minutes. Let the dog out but do not look at it or play or pat it for 5 minutes - this tells the dog that being in the cage is nothing to make a fuss about. Then play with and pat the puppy for ten minutes as a reward.

Luigi doesn't mind being in his cage during the day. It is just at night he is unhappy. We are trying lots of things and I will tell you what worked best to fix his puppy seperation anxiety when he is better.

Monday, May 12, 2008

puppy teething

coton de tulear puppy chewing toyLuigi is teething YAY!! Poor Luigi - he is bleeding and has no teeth so he cannot nip.

It is very hot at the moment so a good thing to give your dog is a ice cube. Luigi loves it and it is good for his teething and hot weather. Luigi is now 6 months old. It has been HOT so Luigi sleeps a LOT.

We have to make sure that Luigi has lots of thing to chew.

Saturday, May 3, 2008

coton de tulear travels

Luigi has gone on his first holiday. It was in the lake district.

On the first day we left at 9am. We were in the car till 3pm but we did stop 3 times so Luigi could have a rest and a drink.

W stayed in a cottage. When we went in the Luigi was still in the car. We heard a dog bark. It was Tia. She is a lovely setter- she was very bouncy but good. We let Luigi out. The two dogs ran off to play chase. Then we went for a walk because Luigi had been in the car all day - we put our coats on and we saw lots of sheep and a sheep fold (which is like a house for sheep).

Luigi had never slept in his cage all night so we hoped he would not wet his bed. In the morning I got up at 6.30 to let him out for a wee. Luigi did not wet his bed - Yay!

We had a lovely holiday and we saw our grandparents too. Luigi likes holidays.

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

puppy toys

coton de tulear puppy toys
Luigi loves his milk bottle. It is one of his favourite puppy toys. He has got the top off but it was dangerous for him to have so we take them off now. At one point we put his bottle in a sock. He liked that but was very happy when we took it out. He can bite and carry the bottle. We change the bottle when it has lots of bite marks.

five facts of a coton de tulear


  • When they are on the move they have their tails curled but when sleeping it is straight.

  • A coton's hair can grow up to 8 inches or 20cm

  • The coton was a Madagascan dog but the French named them.

  • A coton can be born with a pink nose or a black one (it is supposed to be black but our puppy has a pink one!).

  • Their ears can be brown when young but go white when older (16 months).

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

puppy care tips

Puppy Care Tips - how to bath your coton de tulear.

To day we bathed Luigi because he was messy. First we got a cup and poured water over him. But do NOT pour water over his or her head. Next get some shampoo and rub it into the fur until it is all soapy. And then rinse out the soap.

When we lift Luigi out we have to rinse out his paws. Lots of fur and water make one heavy dog. Next we dry him. This takes a lot of time, but if you do it well you will not have to use the hairdryer on your dog. When we had dried him he was still wet so we used the hairdryer on him but he thought it was a game and barked at it when we blew hot air at him.