Wednesday, December 17, 2008

luigis birthday!

Luigi is now one year old! His birth day was on the 14th of December. We did not do anything for his birthday but here are some photos of Luigi - big and small, fluffy and not, from his year with us!

Monday, December 8, 2008

luigis operation

On the 5th of December Luigi went to the vets to be neutered We took Luigi inside and after a long talk on how we had to treat him after his operation, we left him on his own (and he howled of course).
We went to pick him up a 4.00! Luigi was a new dog. He was shaking and crying. We took him back home. He lay by the fire and cried. He slept in mums room that night -all night he was crying. (he did not like his collar of course). In the morning he was a bit better so we put up the Christmas decorations.
Next day Luigi was better and he was being so funny! he was running and went under the table and got stuck! We had to rescue him and he was very grateful!
Today we went back for a check up on his stitches. All was OK. Luigi has his stitches out on the day after his birth day the 15Th of December.