Saturday, September 6, 2008

coton de tulear pups

Luigi is fun dog but he has his problems - like he loves to play with my dads socks!

He is doing agility which he is not to keen on but is getting very good. He is good and easy to train and we love training time! His best toy is pooh bear - my brothers baby toy. Pooh bear has lost one ear but Luigi still loves him!
We put up a dog rules board and Luigi looked at it for and long time. We think he does not like PLEASE IGNORE LUIGI WHEN YOU COME DOWN STAIRS OR COME BACK INTO THE ROOM. He loves his walks, but if it rains he will lie on his belly and will not move. We all love him and he loves us, but we think he has a blog named where he writes about the funny things we do!

Friday, September 5, 2008

coton de tulear puppies

coton de tulear puppy in shoeWhen you are getting a puppy you need to think about 'do I want a puppy?' Here are some things to answer.

  1. do I like dogs?

  2. am I happy to pay vet bills?

  3. is the house big enough?

  4. do I have the time to walk it?

  5. do you know that you will have to pick your holidays so your dog can come or you will have to pay to put it in kennels?

  6. do all the people in the house want a dog?

If the answers are all 'yes' go on to stage two 'what to buy'.

getting what you need

  • bowls ( two)

  • collar and lead (make sure the collar can go small)

  • big fluffy toy (to snuggle up with a night)

  • good tug of war toy

  • good toy to throw ( balls are good)

  • we have cage which you can put the dog in at night and when he is going in the car

  • toy box

  • brush (for coton de tulears use a poodle comb)
  • harness ( good for family's that do a lot of walking)

  • food but make sure it's the food that your puppy eats at the breeders

  • chews
  • soft bedding

  • dog cutting scissors

  • collar tag
  • lots of dog books (go to coton de tulear books to find what books you need)
  • poo bags

  • puppy!
That is what you need to get a puppy. Read on to get puppy care tips, or go to bringing home a new puppy to know what to do when you have a puppy

puppy care tips
  • when doing a bath have lots of treats so your dog will like baths.

  • give your dog a good set of food. A good but smelly way to see if he is having good food is to have a look at his poo - if it is dark brown he is having a good diet.

  • Luigi is allergic to wheat. If he has it he scratches. Wheat is not good for your dog but most dogs can have it.

  • you will need lots of things - look at this list and go and get them

  • make sure that your dog cannot swallow a toy you buy

  • do not take your dog on too long walks. We did this and we got stuck with a dog who was not allowed to play or go on walks for 2 weeks because he had a sore leg.
I hope that this was good and helpful information .

puppy tip training

A fun thing to do with your dog is to get lots of treats and go to a field. ( you need at least two people). Share out the treats, spread out, and call your dog one by one. Its a good way to give your dog exercise and its fun!

coton de tulear tricks

Me and Luigi love to play. I like to teach him new coton de tulear tricks and he loves the treats!
Luigi has learnt lots of tricks but how do you do them?
coton de tulear puppy tricks high five
First get very nice treats. Next call him and make him sit. Hold both your hands up so that he has to jump. As he jumps to get the treat, meet his paws and say 'high five'. Soon you can just hold your hands up - no treats.

First get a lovely treat. Next get him to sit. Hold the treats just above his head. Hold out the other hand next to his paw. Tap the paw gently. He should lift his paw up. Let the paw rest on your hand and say 'paw'. If you keep up the good work your dog will be so well trained.

have a treat and have your dog siting. Lift the treat up and let the dog jump up to get it. As he jumps say 'beg'. When he is begging give him the treat. The longer the he can stay up the better. If he begs and you have not told him to, ignore him and have a dog that does not beg!

I would like you to comment if you try doing these tricks. Please tell me if it worked.

Monday, September 1, 2008

bringing home a new puppy

Bringing home a new puppy.

When you get out the of car you should have a play pen for your puppy. We did. We put our puppy in the pen.

If your dog cries do not look at it - just ignore it. Make sure you have food and water for the dog in the pen. From the minute your puppy goes into your home it must know who's boss. Now when the puppy is asleep leave it -but as it gets older you can wake it up. When he or she wakes up play with it gently for a while, then let it have a look round. Put it back in it's pen and sit and read a book in sight.

At night time make a bed next to the dog pen. If you have a cage in your room you can sleep with the puppy.

In the morning go outside and let it have a wee and poo (if it has not had one on the floor). If it goes give it a treat and say good dog (to find out more on toilet taining go to (coming).