Saturday, May 9, 2009

Luigis personality in all things

Luigi is like other dogs -  playful and active but all dogs like humans have different traits for instance he is very good humoured  (He likes being picked up so he is quite long suffering).

His star sign is Sagittarius. Sagittarius are fun loving, generous and extremely friendly and his birthstone is topaz. Luigi is quite
bumptious and full of himself but over all is very friendly. Luigi is suspicious of men but after a while gets on well with them.


Sandra Foyt said...

Loved your use of the word bumptious! I hope you use the next month's word challenge - amorphous. But, hopefully, your dogs aren't amorphous.

Araya said...

Hi ~
I love dogs and have two at home. Their breeds are chow chow X and a lab X. The lab's name is Buddy and the Chow is named Charlie. They say hi to Luigi.
Come see me at
I write about horses. And dogs too of course!
I love your blog and will write soon,
P.S. You have inspired me to do a post about all the dogs at the barn that I ride at.

Maddie said...

Your puppy is super cute! I have a chocolate lab, so she is much bigger. My puppy's name is Cocoa and she is a master escape artist! Hope to see more posts in the future.
PS- is Egg your real name?

Snowy and Crystal said...

you are such a cute coton :)

Coton de tulear said...

Very cute dogs I also have and raise coton de tulear I would love to be able to do agility but my health prevents me, maby some one will take one of my Cotons and gat a agility title on one.

Anonymous said...

luigi looks exacly like my dog buddy! They culd be brothers. Buddy is seven years old and comes from spain. My name is konrad and i´m nine years old.
where do you come from?
Would you see a photo of buddy?