Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Luigi and Me on A Young Kennel Club Training Camp

Hi, sorry i have not posted for awhile but loads has been going on.

This post is about going on a YKC (Young Kennel Club) week training camp.

Ok so it was brilliant, I really enjoyed it, I'm not so sure about Luigi but anyway.

I was really nervous about going, the evening entertainment did not sound like my kind of thing, which was things like talent night, world cup games and treasure hunts.

So when I got there I was in a team (green) and all the evening entertainment you did with your team!
In the morning and after-noon we did training with your dog I was doing Agility, Heel Work to Music (dancing with your
dog) Handling, Good citizen dog scheme - how well behaved is your dog (Luigi got his bronze) and Obedience.

Luigi was well behaved but did not like it that much.

There was always something to do and it was really good.

Our team did well in the team games and won Talent Night (music was
Let Me Entertain You) and World Cup Games (we were Australia)
On the last day There was Team Rallies where there where events which where

  1. Agility Cricket: dogs from team jump and other teams dog doing the dog walk (Luigi did not take part)
  2. In The Dark: 3 team members from each team are blind-folded and with there dog on a lead walk round a course which the team leader's direct them round, who ever got all 3 members round wins. (Luigi and I did take part in this and our team came second (: )
  3. Recall Race: 3 dogs from each team race against different team's dogs race each other fastest wins and goes into next heat (Luigi and did not take part)
  4. Temptation Ally: 3 members from each team race against another team and call there dogs through an ally of treats, toys food and other tasty stuff (Luigi and I did this one and to our team won the first heat then Luigi ran out of arena to find mum and we lost):
Most important is to cheer on your team if your watching.
I really hope this make's you come along to camp next year, I will see you there as I'm going to.

Hi to any members from Adam's Almighty Airedale team, and any one who
went to camp to.

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