Wednesday, August 25, 2010

My Miniature Poodle Puppy!!!

Yay! On Sunday the 22 of August we got the cutest little black miniature poodle puppy!
It's a boy, he's called Nero and he is really cute and he is 10 weeks old! Nero in Italian means black!
It's really hard to get nice photos of him as hes always moving around!

The black blur is Nero!

Ok so we got a new puppy because I want to do agility and Luigi likes sleeping.

So on Sunday we woke up and went for a run on the beach with Dad and Luigi when we got home Mum said that she had got an email from a breeder we contacted and she had 2 little boys left, so we phoned her up and asked whether Luigi and the puppy would fight and she said as long as we did not get a female it would be ok. We also asked about agility and she said she had a really playful puppy and a quiet one. We said we would go and see them, The playful one had a white bib on his chest.

So we went to see them, but quite soon we started to think the little one was really playful and liked to be with us more so we said we would buy the little not so quiet one (he is smaller than his brother) and would pick him up the next day (Monday) that gave us time to pick up his stuff.

But when we got home we thought why not get him today? So we went back and got him!

The breeder had said that the puppy (Nero) had been more playful than with anybody who had gone round and that he seemed to really like us! She also said that me and my brother handled the puppy's well and respectfully which was really nice!

Nero was not sick in the car and when we got home we played in the garden for a while then put in his pen to sleep.

He was really good on his first night and (I was sleeping with him) only woke me up at 3 o clock to out-side. Nero is quite well toilet trained and we have only had about 5 accidents so far.

Luigi is not so keen on him he thinks he should go home now but him and Nero played togther quite a bit, have a look at this video to see them playing.

Nero is settling in really well and Loves people, we took him to the vets on monday to get his second jab so he can go on walks in a weeks time, he was good when they stuck the needle in him!

See what Luigi thinks on My-humans.

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your dogs are adorable!!! :)